Ski Regions

8. Ski regions The Lungau ski region, nestled between the mountains of the Alps, is located in the heart of Austria in the state of Salzburg. URBANHOF Inn can be found in the valley lying between Grosseck – Speiereck and Katschberg – Aineck. In the Langua region are the following ski areas: Grosseck - Speiereck, Katschberg - Aineck, Obertauern, Fanningberg Grosseck - Speiereck According to the survey carried out by the Austrian ÖAMTC the Grosseck - Speiereck ski area was the third best ski run system in Austria in the season of 2006/2007. The trails start on the altitude of 1100 m and reach up to 2400 m, so we can be sure that there will be snow on the mountain all season. The total run of the area is 47 km (7 km black, 17 km red and 23 km blue). Apart from these runs there are also many freeride trails waiting to be discovered. There are 9 lifts, of which only 3 are ground lifts, and these three lifts are all located beside the beginner trails. The gondola lift on the St. Michael side, which fits 8 people, was built in 2011 and it shortened the 17 minutes trip to mere 8 minutes. INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION OF TRAILS HERE>> Katschberg – Aineck This region, on the border of the states of Karintia and Salzburg, offers an excellent opportunity to practice various winter sports. The area’s trail system has a total run of 70 km and it operates with 16 ski lifts. As there are more than one mountains in this region you can enjoy a nice long run, since the trails of the different mountains are connected with lifts. The snow is not only guaranteed by the high altitude, but also by snow cannons which can cover 100% of the well kept skiing area. During the last few years new four-, six- and eight-person chairlifts have been put into use. A1 run: A1 is a clear reference to the motorway running across Austria from the east to the west in the southern region. This trail begins on the peak and you can enjoy a steady 6 km slope to the bottom of the valley. In 2009 a new eight-person lift was built beside the upper part of the A1 trail, and it now substitutes two ground lifts. But the development did not stop here. In the season of 2011 and 2012 a new eight person gondola lift was put into use which starts at the end of the two-person chairlift coming from St. Margarethen. With these two new lifts it is now possible to reach the Aineck Peak in about 20 minutes. This trip used to take minimum 40 minutes. S1 run After many years of hiatus the S1 run is open once again. This trail connects the peak of Katschberg with St. Michael. The run was extensively remodelled: it was widened, the trees growing on the trail were cut down, and the two bridges were also widened by 1.5 m (the snow groomers in the 60s were narrower than the ones today). For children In the heart of Katschberg, on Köningswies the smallest ones can use the Mini-Jet-Lift. The little ones can practice on a 300 m long particularly gently sloping run, alongside which friendly figures and encouraging signs help their learning. In 2008, after an international trial, Katschberg was ranked third in the ‘Skiarea’ test. Fanningberg Fantastic view, wide trails, friendly atmosphere. Everyone can find their ideal trail here. Even the beginners, immediately after leaving the learning runs, can brave the mountain peak, because the wide and gently sloping ‘Familienabfahrt’ trail provides a superb opportunity to practice their newly learnt skiing skills. The bolder skiers can test their skills on the 17 km long red and black runs, among which can be found a mogul skiing trail. Only expert skiers are recommended to try this later one. The world’s longest six-person chairlift, ‘Samson’, can be found here in Fanningbergen. Parallel to ‘Samson’ is another six person lift (Zirbenjet) with heated and soft seats for does who want to go skiing on untouched slopes covered with powder snow. These trails are located a little bit further from the main runs and are waiting to be explored. What's more, the lifts can be easily reached from the bottom of these untouched snowfields. (Both chairlifts have weather protection hoods.) In Fanningbergen cosy trail side bars await the skiers, but in the evenings Apre-Ske events are also not uncommon at the bottom of the trails. For children who can already ski the ‘Witch Forest’ provides entertainment. Once a week, 2025 m high up on the mountain, there is a ‘Sledge Party’ at a trail side bar from where you can slide down on a 6 km long floodlit sledge trail to the lower big parking lot. Obertauern A 100 km long well kept trail system. All the runs can be skied without removing the gear. Fast and modern lifts: 19 chairlifts, 1 gondola lift and 6 ground lifts. Obertauern’s most unique feature is its micro-climate which ensures a stable quantity of snow: the runs can be skied from the end of November until the beginning of May. This is Obertauern most valuable characteristic. The ski centre can be reached from many directions. Snowboarders can practice in a fun park, adventure seekers can try out their skills on a huge mogul skiing trail which is located on the left side of Seekareck Peak. Above this, there are also four timer racing trails. Every Monday and Thursday between 7 and 10 visitors can go night skiing at the Edelweiss ski lift. A new feature is that ski passes valid for longer than one and a half days can also be used on the trails of Grosseck-Speiereck (situated 15 km from Obertauern). The ski centre is located in a crater like valley with a radial ski lift system. As the trails and runs are above the forest line, skiers can venture anywhere, as long as they comply with the relevant safety rules. Another unique feature of Obertauern is that its trails and lifts form a circle; this can also be seen on the maps. The name of this circle is ‘Tauernrunde’. Regardless of their starting point, skiers can complete a full circle and can end up in the same spot from where they started. An additional speciality is that Salzburg’s, and maybe whole Austria’s, most imposing and steepest run, the Gamsleiten 2, aka G2, can be found here. The fame of G2’s can also be indicated by the fact that this trail has its own home page, Obertauern gained fame when during the early years of the ski centre the worldwide famous band, The Beatles, shot their film, ‘Help’, here. Furthermore, the band members took their first skiing lessons here. Inevitably, the film became a world success, and thus millions of people came to know the beauties of Obertauern. Since then a pub, the ‘Beatles Bar’, has preserved the memory of the famous visit. Here the enthusiastic visitor can listen to Beatles songs around the clockMoreover, in Obertauernben countless lavish trail side bars, luxurious restaurants and lush pubs await the skiers and holiday makers. In fact, Obertauern is Austria’s party capital.
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