How to find us

How to find us We would like to help you find URBANHOF Inn. We hope our directions will be able to provide help for both the traditional map users and the GPS users. The town: St. Michael im Lungau, Unterweissburg district (It is important to type in the full name, because there are minimum six St. Michaels in Austria. If the GPS does not recognise St. Michael you can try Sankt Michael.) The address: St. Michael im Lungau, Unterweissburg 8. Recommended travel route: From Vienna: Take the A2 motorway in the direction of Graz – S6 in the direction of Semmering - Leoben - Judenburg - Murau - Tamsweg - St. Michael im Lungau. At Leoben there is another St. Michael junction, but do not take this one. Continue your journey in the direction of Judenburg, Klagenfurt and exit the motorway in the direction of Murau. Even if the GPS says so, in Murau do not exit the roundabout in any direction, because although your remaining journey would be shorter by a few kilometres, the road is narrow and extremely winding. In Murau do not turn in any direction, proceed straight on through the town and you will inevitably end up in St Michael. At the end of the journey there is a possible shortcut at Tamsweg. At the end of the town (you don’t have go into the town, just go along the main road) first take a right, then immediately a left turn. Go on in the direction of Untenberg. After going through the centre of St. Michael, directly before the motorway ramp, turn left. After this point, on the left side of the road, you will find signs indicating the Unterweissburg district, and later signs pointing out URBANHOF Inn. Have a nice trip!
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